During the excessive amount of time spent in front of computers, I've been able to channel some of my creativity in producing pieces of software. Made for my own amusement, these projects are not meant to meet any external demand. The software presented here is of my independent design and implementation.


Circa 2011
A software mixer used to monitor and route various inputs to outputs. It's intended to be used on a small (7") touch screen LCD.

TV software

Circa 2007
A TV software capable of extracting, storing, and playing concurrent program streams. An EPG, remote controlling, file playback and animated graphics are provided among other features.

3D engine

Circa 2005
An OpenGL based 3D graphics (and to a smaller extent, physics) engine.


Circa 2003
A statistics and monitoring software used for monitoring various computer and operating system metrics over network.


Various other programs and miscellaneous software.