Developing The Northlight Engine: Lessons Learned

Ville Timonen
Game Developers Conference: Advanced Graphics Techniques Tutorial Day 2016

Multi-Scale Global Illumination in Quantum Break

Ari Silvennoinen and Ville Timonen
SIGGRAPH: Advances in Real-Time Rendering 2015

Screen-Space Far-Field Ambient Obscurance

Ville Timonen
High Performance Graphics 2013

Line-Sweep Ambient Obscurance

Ville Timonen
Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2013
(Best Student Paper winner)
(Featured on proceedings back cover)

Low-Complexity Intervisibility in Height Fields

Ville Timonen
Computer Graphics Forum 2012
(Invited to Eurographics Conference 2013)

Scalable Height Field Self-Shadowing

Ville Timonen and Jan Westerholm
Eurographics Conference 2010
(3rd Best Paper winner)

Optimal Digital Valve Control using Embedded GPU

Johan Ersfolk, Pontus Boström, Ville Timonen, Jan Westerholm, Jonatan Wiik, Otso Karhu, Matti Linjama, Marina Waldén
Digital Fluid Power 2016

Calculation of Two-Point Angular Correlation Function: Implementations on Many-Core and Multicore Processors

Miguel Cárdenas Montes, Miguel Ángel Vega Rodríguez, Jan Westerholm, Rafael Ponce, Evren Yurtesen, Ignacio Sevilla, Eusebio Sánches Alvaro, Juan José Rodríguez Vázguez, Mats Aspnäs, Ville Timonen, Nicanor Colino, and Antonio Gómez-Inglesias

Real-time Rendering of Translucent Volumetric Surfaces

Ville Timonen
TUCS Technical Report 2008

  Reviewer for

  • International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-based Processing
  • EuroMPI Conference
  • International Conference on Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics
  • Eurographics Symposium on Rendering
  • International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation
  • International Conference on Applied Parallel and Scientific Computing
  • Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds

  Misc. presentations

thumbnail Scalable SSAO Algorithms
ACM SIGGRAPH Helsinki - SyysGraph 2013
thumbnail CUDA for Graphics
Åbo Akademi University 2012
thumbnail GPGPUs in HPC
CSC - IT Center for Science 2010
thumbnail Screen-Space Far-Field Ambient Occlusion
University of Turku 2013
thumbnail Height Field Lighting
Åbo Akademi University 2010
thumbnail CUDA for Graphics
Åbo Akademi University 2010
thumbnail Height Field Ambient Occlusion using CUDA
University of Turku 2009