I have listed some of my other smaller programming projects in this subsection. I don't consider these as important as the main entries in the softography section, but even though the main entries are probably my largest pieces of software, they represent only a fraction of my programming hobby.



This OpenGL based software generates a terrain. The trees are generated dynamically. Average trunk height, branch and sub-branch count, and leaf amount is adjustable. The rest of the tree is then generated using random algorithms. The software includes a console for user interaction.


thumbnail This is an MP3 player. Its video output is software rendered, and it can be remote-controlled. The program can be told, via a fifo-based command interface, to load MP3 files or MP3 paths recursively. Written in C.

Tetris Wannabe

thumbnail I did this small game as a programming demonstration during a recruitment process for Gameloft London. It's a tiny clean piece of Java programming, which took me a day to pull together.

Miscellaneous 3D


It's as odd as it looks. Lasers coming from the sky shoot at the pool of water, putting it on the move.


This OpenGL object tries to simulate physics of a "bubble". For a reason I can no longer recall, the bubble is only stable for 30 seconds. :-)

Software 3D


This one was probably my first real program written in C (under Linux environment). It is a software renderer, and implements texture mapping, gouraud shading, perspective correction, and simple transparency.

thumbnail Wireframe animations were experimented with, as well.

Rummikub bot


This bot is able to play a logic game called Rummikub. Its algorithms are brute-force based, so it's not an artificial intelligence masterpiece, but because the game is simple, it does its job in computing the best possible block arrangement.

Skandalen i skolan


This piece of OpenGL based animation was once used in a Swedish language assignment (in upper secondary school). It's an animation about a fictional scandal occurring in our school.. We (the makers) considered it hilarious, but we barely made it through the course. ;-)