1. Summary

title Master of Science (M.Sc. + B.Sc.)
field computer science
university University of Kuopio, Finland
grade average 4.24 for the required major subject studies (scale: 0-5)
completed courses 120% of the total required credits
minor subjects mathematics
duration of studies a little over 3 years (2 years quicker than the average)
notes worked part-time during the studies (see work experience)

2. Master's thesis

2.1. Information

name Real-time Visual Simulation of Volumetric Surfaces
field computer science
grade excellent (4% of theses receive the highest grade)
My thesis was also chosen to represent our department in the annual computer science thesis competition.
assessment english, finnish
download PDF, 122 pages, 5.7 MB

2.2. Abstract

The increase in reprogrammability and processing power of modern graphics hardware has advanced the real-time rendering techniques for volumetric surfaces. This thesis offers an introduction to real-time relief mapping, covering different techniques used to improve intersection searching and visual appearance. The techniques are implemented and their applicability is analysed.

The main contribution of this thesis is the presentation of a relief mapping based rendering technique capable of simulating translucent features on volumetric surfaces. Optical behaviour of translucent materials is discussed in detail, and the simulation model is gradually completed based on physical authenticity. The simulation model proves efficient in simulating large and small-scale translucent details on surfaces, even when observed from close distance, in a way that is not achievable through polygon-based methods. Real-time suitability is proven by presenting an implementation that achieves real-time framerates on commodity graphics hardware.

3. Course listings of completed courses

3.1. Computer science

3.2. Mathematics and physics

3.3. Language, communication and miscellaneous