10.2022 - , Varjo Technologies, Technical Fellow

Varjo's 1st Fellow. I focus on Mixed Reality.

8.2021 - 10.2022, Varjo Technologies, Head of Mixed Reality and Teleport

Leading Varjo's Mixed Reality and Teleport teams of 20+ developers.

9.2018 - 8.2021, Varjo Technologies, Mixed Reality Lead

R&D of all aspects of Varjo's mixed reality tech (HW/FW/SW, from bainstorming/research to shipping). Leading Varjo's MR software team of ~10 senior engineers.

1.2018 - 9.2018, Varjo Technologies, Lead Computer Vision and Graphics Developer

Booting up Varjo's mixed reality tech.

5.2016 - 1.2018, Nokia Technologies, Principal software engineer, VR rendering technologies

I worked on the rendering and 3D reconstruction side of Nokia's VR technology.

10.2013 - 4.2016, Remedy Entertainment, Graphics programmer

During the development and until the shipping of Quantum Break, I was working on the renderer of the in-house Northlight engine. This included R&D of new rendering methods and optimizations on the CPU and, mainly, on the GPU side. I also ported Northlight to DirectX12.

2014 -, Visual Components, Rendering consulting

I occasionally consult Visual Components on matters of real-time rendering.

09.2008 - 04.2014, Åbo Akademi University, PhD candidate

I researched computer graphics algorithms (see research) in High Performance Computing laboratory. During this time I acquired extensive knowledge in optimizing algorithms on various processor architectures. GPGPUs were my speciality.

05.2008 - 04.2009, Nomovok, Software developer

I was working on prototype software for a major mobile phone company. My work included implementing an EGL/OpenGL ES backend for middleware software (on Linux) and a 3D framework for a web browser engine.

11.2004 - 04.2005, TietoEnator, System integrator

I worked part-time for about half a year in TietoEnator Oy administering and configuring Unix systems (HP-UX, AIX and OSF1/Tru64) and some Windows servers. This included writing administrative Perl/shell scripts, and Perl/C based tools for database handling. I was also installing and testing VMWare ESX servers.


06.2004 - 09.2004, Tekla, Programmer trainee

I worked full-time in Tekla Oyj for 3 months during the summer of 2004. I was administering and configuring mainly Unix systems, but also some Windows systems. I was responsible for taking a new HP-UX based production server into use. I also did some Perl programming for administrative purposes.


2004 - 2007, Työvoimapörssi, Administrator

I've been the main system administrator of tvp.fi since its beginning in 2004. It's a portal for employers and employees to meet. The server is Linux based, and administration includes www and mail servers and database and user management.

2006 -, Kasvunpolku

I am responsible for IT systems (workstations, www- and email-services, remote backupping, networking) of a children's home Lastenkoti Kasvunpolku Oy.

2003, Fazer Bakery

While waiting for my studies to start, I had a summer job in a bakery.

1999, Finmasiko

I had a summer job in Finmasiko Oy. It's a company that repairs machinery used for moving earth.

1998, Mail delivery

I delivered (physical) mail for a few months on my spare time.