I have been interested in software and operating systems for a long time. In about 1997 I got into Unices, as their openness provides a perfect environment for experimenting and learning different technologies and architectural designs. I've spent roughly as much time learning and experimenting with Unices as I've spent programming.

The most active Unices in my personal use are Linux, Solaris (Sparc and PC, from 8 to development 11), and OpenBSD. I've also had FreeBSD and NetBSD running every now and then. For work, I've administered HP-UX, AIX and OSF1 systems as well. I'm familiar with Unix internals, and have constructed - for example - a Linux distribution of my own from scratch (without the help of projects like LFS). I have written Perl and shell scripts for various administrative and personal purposes. All in all I'm eager to experiment with new or interesting operating system technologies.

Technologies I'm familiar with:

VMware products: ESX, Server, GSX, Workstation, and Fusion (ESX and Server in active use.) Experience with other solutions, such as Parallels, Xen, and Virtual Box.
Solaris SW raids, Solaris ZFS (in active use), Linux SW raids/LVM (in active use), FreeBSD SW raids, HP-UX volume management, iSCSI (Solaris host, various clients). Various different file systems. Generally I'm familiar with file server performance, including different levels of cache, FS characteristics, RAID tuning, controllers and hard drive technologies.
Network booting
PXE (various software), TFTP, bootparamd, DHCP (Sun/ISC), RARP, NFS, (on Solaris/Linux hosts, with Linux/*BSD clients. In active use)
Kernel and OS core
Numerous different kernel configurations for Linux and BSDs. Customized distributions for PDAs and floppies, other software customizations.
Network services
statistics, NFS, samba, iSCSI, apache (v1/v2), SMTP (sendmail/exim), IMAP with SSL (dovecot, uw-imap), FTP (various servers), DNS (bind 8/9), DHCP (Sun/ISC), NTP, proxy (squid), spam filtering (spamassassin), procmail, webmail (RoundCube, OpenWebMail), caldav, ventrilo, murmur, packet filtering/NAT/forwarding (BSD packet filter (pf/altq), iptables), VPN (pptp/OpenVPN). (All in active use)
Other services
Customized backupping scripts utilizing SSH, rsync, and bacula, for Windows and Unix clients (in active use). MySQL and PostgreSQL database administration and management. Oracle databases are also familiar.

# for i in sun storm frost rain mist thunder lightning wilicc ama.wili.cc snow root@star moon root@clock mobile@wind root@esx; do ssh $i uname -s -n -r; done
SunOS sun 5.11
Linux storm
CYGWIN_NT-5.2 frost 1.5.24(0.156/4/2)
OpenBSD rain 4.0
Darwin mist.wili.net 9.6.0
Linux thunder
Linux lightning 2.6.37
Linux wili.cc
Linux ama.wili.cc
Darwin snow.wili.net 8.11.0
Linux star 2.6.26-1-amd64
Linux moon 2.6.26
Linux Nokia-N810-47-6 2.6.21-omap1
Darwin wind 10.0.0d3 iPhone
VMkernel esx 6.5.0