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8.1.2010The year I started blogging (blogware)
9.1.2010Linux initramfs with iSCSI and bonding support for PXE booting
9.1.2010Using manually tweaked PTX assembly in your CUDA 2 program
9.1.2010OpenCL autoconf m4 macro
9.1.2010Mandelbrot with MPI
10.1.2010Using dynamic libraries for modular client threads
11.1.2010Creating an OpenGL 3 context with GLX
11.1.2010Creating a double buffered X window with the DBE X extension
12.1.2010A simple random file read benchmark
14.12.2011Change local passwords via RoundCube safer
5.1.2012Multi-GPU CUDA stress test
6.1.2012CUDA (Driver API) + nvcc autoconf macro
29.5.2012CUDA (or OpenGL) video capture in Linux
31.7.2012GPGPU abstraction framework (CUDA/OpenCL + OpenGL)
7.8.2012OpenGL (4.3) compute shader example
10.12.2012GPGPU face-off: K20 vs 7970 vs GTX680 vs M2050 vs GTX580
4.8.2013DAViCal with Windows Phone 8 GDR2
5.5.2015Sample pattern generator


DAViCal with Windows Phone 8 GDR2


CalDAV support has finally arrived to Windows Phone 8 in the July 2013 patch called GDR2. It initially seems that the support is exclusive to Google accounts whereas I, for one, am interested in accessing calendars on my own DAViCal server instead. After fiddling around for a while I figured out how to make the Windows Phone 8 CalDAV client talk to my DAViCal server, and thought to share it with you in case you are trying to do the same.

How to do it

First you need to have a dummy Google (gmail) account that you link your phone with. Adding the account will fail if Google's IMAP server refuses to log you in, and therefore you need to have gmail activated. Once the account is set up on your phone, edit its settings and uncheck "Email" and "Contacts" from "Content to sync", change "Username" and "Password" to your DAViCal user, and set "Calendar server" to your DAViCal host, e.g. "".

WP8 expects to find your calendar through https (port 443), so you have to serve DAViCal through SSL. If you're receiving "Error code: 80072F0D" upon connection, you need to manually install the certificate (e.g. by opening your DAViCal site through IE, exporting the certificate to a .cer file, and e-mailing it to your phone.) By default your DAViCal calendar is at /caldav.php/<user>/, but Google has its calendars in /calendar/dav/<user>/user/. So, enable the rewrite module in your Apache, and put this to your DAViCal site config:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^/calendar/dav/([^/]*)/user/(.*)$ /caldav.php/$1/$2

You're all set!



Thanks very much! That was exactly what I was searching to do.
By running your own CalDav/CardDav server and setting the server address for your phone's main microsoft account to something like, you can use your phone without all your stuff being saved on Microsoft's servers while still having sync/backup functionality.

One thing: The phone first requests /.well-known/caldav/ and /.well-known/carddav/ on your server. If you 301 those requests to your actual calendar/contacts resource locations, you don't need to ModRewrite anything.
- hst


WHAT??????  I did not understand a word you said!!!!!
- jcreigns4us



I was using this with my davical server for a while but this does not seems to work with Windows Phone 8.1.

Do you have any information about this ?
- spyroux



If that's help anyone, after the upgrade you can delete your own "gmail-based" account and create a new icloud account. You may enter any email/password you want. Even non-existant email since there is no check.

Of course, it will return an error but then you should be able to edit the account and change user, password and servers.

Best regards,

- spyroux


In Windows Phone 8.1 you can do this though iCloud account.
- digger

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